Frank Mills

Frank Mills is a Canadian pianist and recording artist best known for his solo instrumental hit ‘Music Box Dancer’.

Mills pursued a solo career after leaving The Bells in 1972; the same year that the single ‘Love Me, Love Me, Love’ reached number 46 in the Billboard Hot 100 and number 8 on the Billboard Easy Listening chart.

When Mills’ best-loved album, ‘Music Box Dancer’, went gold in Canada, it prompted Polydor US to release it alongside its eponymous single. Both were hits, with the single reaching number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the album¬†going gold. Mills would follow this success with several more chart hits and two Juno Awards in 1980 for his piano instrumental Peter Piper: one for Composer of the Year and one for Instrumental Artist of the Year. He would go on to win the latter award again in 1981.

From classic Christmas numbers to tracks like ‘Rondo in America’, ‘Anticipation’ and ‘Spanish Coffee’, Mills’ work is a treasure trove of piano instrumentals.

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