Mary O’Hara

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Achieving fame on both sides of the Atlantic, Mary O’Hara influenced the “Folk Era” that many now associate with Joan Baez, The Clancy Brothers, Bob Dylan et al. Indeed, Liam Clancy writes about how Mary’s singing inspired him and many of his contemporaries. Mary revived the tradition of the harp; one that had waned in Ireland by the Fifties.

Mary’s story is remarkable. Thirteen years ago Mary O’Hara retired from performing, taking off for Africa. She had done the same almost 3 decades earlier after the death of her young poet husband, Richard Selig.

At that time, however, she joined a contemplative order of nuns, emerging over 12 years later to take up her singing career, recording thirteen more albums, having her own television series and writing 3 best-selling books.

Mary has gone on to perform in the world’s major concert halls – Carnegie Hall, the Royal Albert Hall, Sydney Opera House and many more, playing beautiful harp instrumentals as well as traditional renditions of favourites such as ‘Scarborough Fair’ and ‘An English Country Garden’.