The Ventures

“The Ventures’ guitars knock me out”

Best known as the founders of surf guitar, The Ventures defined instrumental guitar rock throughout the 60s. Bob Bogle and Don Wilson formed the nucleus of band in 1958. The duo was joined a few years later by Nokie Edwards to record Walk, Don’t Run. The song hit Billboard’s Singles Chart on July 18th 1960 and peaked at No 2.

The Ventures were later joined by Mel Taylor, Gerry McGee, Leon Taylor and Bob Spalding. More than 49 years later, with record sales approaching 100 million, with 37 LPs having hit the album charts, The Ventures’ hugely influential style and sound is as pure and powerful as ever.

The legend lives on, with the band still recording and touring around the world. 2008 will mark the 50th Anniversary of the band, a remarkable accomplishment.

“They were the only band of their kind with the magnitude of…you know, they could stand up to…say, The Beatles in that period. They’re a classic and will always remain that way”.
JOEY RAMONE, The Ramones

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